Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Random Meet Up

It only takes one sentimental tweet and we are back in touch.
Your emotional tweet enchants me to reply it as soon as I read it.
Interestingly, my spontaneity fits well with your random meet up invitation.

I don't know what makes you interested in our meeting,
but for me, I always eager to know the life of a market research guy.
To be a research consultant in big MR company was my dream.

It was fun, I was happy meeting you, though you came late.
You are lucky Pokemon Go has trained me well to be more patient than ever.

You said you wanted to know about what I was doing with my life,
esp. about the social marketing stuff.
Unexpectedly, I was the one who asked so many questions
until it feels like I am the interviewer and you are the hired respondent.
In my opinion, you are not a good respondent.
In spite of the fact you are good at sharing, but you are bad at explaining your thought and opinion.

The way you promoted your beloved MR company, really convincing.
It feels like I'd like to chase back my old dream.
The MR company becomes more and more interesting
because it is able to retain you, esp. when I know you are an INFP person which is usually
1. An idealist.
2. Hold on to your idealism tightly.
3. Know well what you want.
4. Have a good sense of right and wrong things to do.
5. Hard to be compromise with #4.

This MR company supposed to have something ideal to an extent it can bind you for 2 years.

Due to my past internship experience, I was unsatisfied with MR.
I feel bad when I know MR world can be tricky and deceitful.
The disappointment led me to pursue another career path in research
that I thought was good enough in accommodating my idealism.

People said seeing is believing.
I think I've seen enough about MR but it is not.

Of course your offering sounds extremely captivating,
but I wonder what is it that makes you so confident to ask me to join.
Do I have such a potential?

Anyway, I am still working on my community building project.
I believe as soon as I finish my current project, I will try my luck.

I hope when the time comes, you are still working there.
(so that we can be the sentimental duo? Hahaha)