Saturday, 17 September 2016

Not Another Taken for Granted

I was amazed at how inconsiderate you can be, Sir.

yeah, I know I tend to care too much for other people
but just because I can do it to anyone,
please don't take my attention for granted.
I do what I've done consciously, as always,
and I am also fully aware to know
you are not worth my energy anymore.

at some points of my life, I have this thought
"why people have to tell others about their sickness?".
I am not that attention-seeker type of person
so that I was wonder why there are such people who
love to tell the world they are sick.
one day I realize, there is this kind of need within a person to be asked
"are you sick? where are you know? do you need anything?".
those kind of questions are enough to make some people feel loved.

that's why I asked this effing ignorance person,
though I try hard to make the question,
whether he be okay if he is loitering
while he is not totally recover from his so-called illness.

I was trying to imply I was worried.
again, when I know he doesn't care with his own health,
I won't give a damn anyway.

I was once being taken for granted
and that kind of experience has become a lesson for me.
I won't let this kind of typical jerk do the same thing to me.
not again. thank you.

I love thick eyebrows
I am sick with your highbrow.