Saturday, 31 December 2016

Personal Style #1 - Pants

image taken from here

that last person on 2016 asked me about my annual resolution
which makes me think a lot during my holiday.
after thinking for a while,
and after googling for some time,
I decided to make three personal-and-not-very-important resolutions
for 2017:

1. identify my fashion style.
2. build a capsule wardrobe.
3. make a realistic bucket list.

in order to do point 1 and 2,
I compiled all of my fashion pins on my Pinterest
and I am so happy to finally have this 3 classifications:
#1 favorite style using pants.
#2 favorite style using skirts.
#3 favorite style using dresses.

dear future Stella,
don't you ever forget and confused with your own style
esp. when you are going to buy some new clothes.
remember this post. always.

I prefer wearing pants rather than skirts or dresses,
but not until I graduated and realize how boring my style
to only wear jeans and shorts everyday.

even so, I found some ways to spice up the way I wear pants.
I am tired to be asked "are you a student or a worker?"
every time I meet a new stranger.
2017 my appearance will radiate maturity. yeah.

the extra casual look

shorts never go wrong, actually.
I tend to use them for going out e.g
dinner with my nuclear family,
hang out with my dear friends on weekends,
or during my lazy day.

combine the shorts with
long sleeves (or three quarter sleeves)
with slip-ons
and canvas bag
for the extra casual look.

or to make it more chic,
the combination might be shorts with
sleeveless shirts or blouses
but don't forget the accessories
either (metal) necklace, (small) belt, or watch.
bring clutch instead of bag.

the casual look

tee, denim, and converse will always be a perfect match.
this is my usual template anytime I go out from home, e.g
when I was a college student,
when I go to work (yeah this is my working attire
since I work in a social organization),
and when I am in hurry to go to somewhere I can't use shorts
(like places to pray or library, etc).

to make it more chic,
there are some ways to tuck the tees in jeans.
spice it up with (metal) necklace or heels.
again, bring clutch instead of bag.

the occasional look

I was once wearing shawl to spice up my plain tee.
unfortunately I think I can't use it frequently
because I live in Jakarta, the terribly hot city.
I do really like how a simple circular shawl
can easily turn your ordinary look into special one.

the combination of shawl
with tees or shirts (chambray or denim)
and flats can optimize the chic look.

might wear this look when
travelling, going to cinema,
and during cold weather.

the timeless look

imo, long sleeves can be used in any occasion,
from casual to formal
from going out to supermarket
to attending a meeting.

no accessories needed.
just make sure to wear the long sleeves
with a proper shoes, like
slip-on, running shoes, flats, or heels.
clutch will always be a good alternative, instead of bag :)

the not-so-formal alternatives

I rarely wear shirts for couple years.
not only because the slack working environment,
but also by nature I don't really like formal-look.

shirts, esp. chambray and denim, is the best.
white loose shirts (or we call it as boyfriend shirts)
are also cool.

make sure to roll-up the sleeves of the shirts,
pay attention to the way you tuck the shirt in,
and wear a watch. perfectly chic.

heels, flats, jeans, or office pants,
I think are not having significant impact
to add value to this outfit.

overall, I like this style so much.
super simple, chic, yet comfortable.
red shoes, oh my...
minus the sunglasses, of course.
those all the looks I love for the first post of my personal style.
next post is my second personal style review, enjoy.

Friday, 30 December 2016

The Last Person in 2016

on the 5th hangout,
I feel like I want to put my head on you.
but something invisible there
which prevents me to do so.
illustration from here.

our last meeting was on 20th Dec
but on 28th it feels we just met yesterday.
I wonder what makes it feels that way.
is it because of your question about my unfulfilled resolution
which leads me to re-read our text thoroughly...?
yeah, I re-read our whole convo from the very begin
and now I feel I am a f up b.

you fill my mind.
you are there everyday, stay peacefully.
since the moment we were apart at that night,
after the sushi night,
after the Kimi No Na Wa,
after the moment we sat next to each other,
after the moment I feel okay to touch your cheek
(and you touch mine too!),
after the moment you offer me you shoulders
(and I don't put mine, lol),
after the moment you put your head next to mine,
after the moment you tell me about your extraordinary hobby
to hug something while watching movie.

I was unable to say it out loud,
"let's not see each other again
since the more I see you, the more I want you.
and I don't want it to happen".
I don't want it because I know this is not what WE want.
we were happy to spend some of our time together.
that's it, no more no less.

I was unable to say it out loud,
"let's not see each other again
since I was never expect this stupid feeling grows,
and I wonder we are supposed to be just a hangout pal".
I don't know what you want by asking to meet me time after time.
I still remember the moment I asked you
"what does it which drive you to meet me?"
and you said it unbelievably
"I think it's been a while since the last time I like particular person".
I don't know what did you mean,
at that time I just laughed and I thought you are random.

on our last meeting you were so witty I was amazed and said
"it feels like I meet you on our very first time hangout".
I was also amazed by the way you change my mind with you were
teasing me by asking if there were anyone who ever gave me flowers.
I don't like flower, I am not that type of girl.
I prefer we plant flowers together rather than anyone gives me a dead plants.
it was my standpoint when you gave me other perspective,
"let's pretend the flower is a symbol of non-eternity.
to remind us we will die one day later".
I laughed. as always, your reasoning ability
makes me feel okay with your different point of view.

I enjoy your presence as much as I enjoy your text.
it seems not mutual, anyway.
it takes like forever for you to text me back
and our written convo will end up by me sending the last message
and you, after one or two days, start a new convo.
it is our ritual and I feel not okay.

it feels awkward and not natural.
it feels like I can't make deeper connection with you.
it feels although we are quite close, but the distance between us
never decreased. I'm frustrated.

on our last meeting, you were asking me to hang out once more.
I smile and didn't give the direct answer you expected to hear.
"see you when I see you" was the statement you said in the end.
no booked date, no promise, no expectation.

on our last meeting, you were asking me if we can call it a date.
again, I smile and didn't give you direct answer.
I asked you back "why we have to call it as a date?
what's the difference with our hangouts and meetings before?
why we should put label on it?".
at that time you just call me as 'too millennial' for not putting any label.
I smile once more and now I put my thought on your question.

I try my best to decide for
what I want, what I look for, what I like from you,
where are we going to, what are we doing?
we've spent so much time and effort for instant happiness
in-between our hectic-demanding job.
and that's what I was looking for. a short sweet escape.
a meaningful convo I can't have with anyone else.
an instant hangout and no promise afterwards.
a random meeting with a random guy to cheer up my day.

those are what I want from you,
before I think deeply about your question,
before I re-read our convo from the very begin.

shall we stop seeing each other
while I always enjoy the moment talking with you?
just because I don't want to wanting you more.
just because I know this is not what I am looking for
at the very first start.
just because I don't feel I like to invest so much feeling on you
right now. it's just not the right time.

there are constraints I am not sure what they really are.
they make me think I am wrong to start the game with you.
I think I am wrong but I keep doing this wrong thing.
I am happy by doing this. you make me happy.
I am such a bad person, aren't I?
but, again, you are the one who makes me realize
there is no such thing as a genuine self-less person in this world.

shall we not see each other again?
because I might fall for you, if we continue our routines.
You keep trying to forget about the good times
Does it make you fall a little better?
I'm not alone, I only pick the flowers
Kind of makes you feel a little worthier.
But the chillin turn out fine
I got the pieces if you got the time.

And I want you, I don't wanna forget
If you go I'll surely get distracted
And I want you, I don't wanna forget
If you go I'll surely get distracted.
I want you, somebody sweet to talk to,
Somebody sweet to talk to.

I don't wanna get stuck in my ways again,
I'm just asking you to stay a couple hours.
I got back to the road where I started
Looking instead of always picking flowers.
Plus the children who turned out fine,
I've got the pieces if you got the time.

And I want you, I don't wanna forget
If you go I'll surely get distracted
And I want you, I don't wanna forget
If you go I'll surely get distracted.
I want you, somebody sweet to talk to,
Somebody sweet to talk to.

And I want you, I don't wanna forget
If you go I'll surely get distracted
And I want you, I don't wanna forget
If you go I'll surely get distracted.
I want you, somebody sweet to talk to,
Somebody sweet to talk to.

- Somebody Sweet To Talk To by She & Him

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Siaran RRI 27 Des 2016

ilustrasi dipinjam dari sini


satu kata yang tepat yang bisa menggambarkan
keseluruhan proses dari persiapan hingga eksekusi siaran RRI hari ini.

ceritanya gw dihubungi salah seorang senior gw sekitar satu-dua bulan lalu.
dia meminta gw untuk mengisi jadwal siaran RRI
yang kerja sama dengan almamater gw.
gw sudah melakukan drafting sejak satu bulan lalu,
tapi sebagai procrastinator sejati, gw baru punya bahan fix jam 20
padahal dibilangnya on air jam 21.

mindmap topik + tulisan pensil pertanyaan dari pendengar

bukan, gw bukan bermaksud sombong atau menyepelekan.
tapi kenyataannya pekerjaan gw sekarang sangatlah demanding
sehingga gw ga ada waktu banget untuk mengolah draft yang sudah ada
menjadi bahan final yang baik.
rencana gw di hari pertama libur kerja, yaitu tanggal 24 Des,
gw sudah merampungkan bahan siaran setengah matang yang gw punya.
alhasil, dengan segala kesibukan (dan kegalauan) tidak terprediksi,
gw akhirnya baru bisa menyelesaikan bahan siaran ini di hari yang sama
dengan hari siaran.

terima kasih senior yang memahami betapa kacaunya manajemen waktu gw
sehingga tidak meributkan apapun di hari H selain
"tema ga ada perubahan ya? gw mau sebar nih.
eh materi belum lu kirim ya?"
hahahaha. pardon my incompetence on managing time.

sekitar jam 2045 gw dihubungi Mas Bobi,
operator Ruang Konsultasi, acara RRI yang menjadi tempat siaran
para dosen dan alumni FP UAJ.
gw diberitahu bahwa jam 2115 gw akan dihubungi lagi untuk on air.
pas jam 2115, gw ditelepon dan gw mendengarkan Mas Tomo membuka acara.

status FB senior gw di group FB fakultas.
perasaan sesudah siaran
lega. seriusan lega.
jantung gw lumayan berdebar di jam 20an.
gw berasa persiapan gw kurang matang
dan pengen banget urusan siaran ini segera selesai.
hal paling bagus yang gw pelajari dari pengalaman siaran RRI ini
adalah Mas Tomo, penyiar Ruang Konsultasi,
membuat gw merasa berharga sebagai narasumber.
dia sama sekali tidak menyela atau memotong atau menimpali
ketika gw bicara. bahkan ketika gw berpikir mencari kata,
dia mendiamkan gw sehingga seolah-olah memang gw yang paling tahu.
setiap kali jeda, sebelum dan sesudah informasi selipan,
Mas Tomo selalu memperkenalkan gw kembali ke pendengar.
Mas Tomo juga mengajukan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang menurut gw
sebenarnya dia sudah tahu tapi dia ajukan ke gw supaya gw menjelaskan.
bagus Mas, saya belajar banyak tentang
cara berbicara dengan narasumber yang baik dan benar.

pengalaman direspon secara live saat siaran
senang! karena pendengar benar-benar mendengarkan gw
dan bertanya sesuai topik.
meski ada beberapa yang tidak bertanya tapi menyampaikan opini
sehingga gw bingung harus merespon apa (ya secara opini orang ya,
terserah dia aja gitu kan mau ngomong apa, gw tinggal iya-in),
tapi secara keseluruhan, rasanya senang sekali karena merasa didengarkan.
ini jadi pelajaran juga buat di radio lain yang gw jadi relawannya,
supaya suatu saat ada kalanya rekaman siaran dibuat real time.

daftar respon yang didapat
01. berbuat baik jadi dimusuhin, misalnya laporin orang korupsi,
bagaimana kalau kasusnya demikian? - SMS dari Grobogan
02. kepekaan sosial rasanya sekarang berkurang
- opini via telepon dari Gorontalo
03. ada komponen manusia yang perlu dipenuhi
agar timbul kemauan berbuat baik (misalnya makan, ruang gerak,
persepsi keadilan terhadap tata aturan di masyarakat).
apakah ada komponen lainnya? - telepon dari Jakarta
04. zaman sekarang berbuat baik dianggap modus - SMS dari Riau
05. kadang suka berasa malu kalau berbuat baik - SMS dari ???
06. berbuat baik kadang harus berkorban. bagaimana berbuat baik
kalau tidak mau berkorban - SMS dari ???
07. hidup itu pilihan, mudah rasanya untuk mau pilih berbuat baik atau jahat.
manusia diberi otak dan hati perlu dipakai untuk memilih.
kebanyakan orang terlalu peduli sama orang lain padahal yang penting
orang punya tujuan - opini via telepon dari Situbondo
08. zaman sekarang orang bawaan curiga kalau orang berbuat baik
dan percaya ketika orang tidak berbuat baik - SMS dari Papua
09. apakah berbuat baik ada batasannya? - SMS dari Papua
10. takut berbuat baik karena nanti dianggap munafik - SMS dari NTT

selesai siaran, gw langsung menghubungi senior gw
dan dia ternyata ga mendengarkan siaran gw.
teman yang enggak gw harapkan malah mendengarkan gw.
dia bahkan membuat reportasenya di WA group kami.
which is sadly, because I expect someone was recording me :(


thanks a lot Will for typing that much. I feel appreciated.
setelah senior gw menanggapi antusiasme gw di WA,
dia menawarkan gw untuk rekaman lagi beberapa bulan ke depan.
wow yeah, count me in!
thanks for the offering dude!