Saturday, 31 December 2016

Personal Style #1 - Pants

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that last person on 2016 asked me about my annual resolution
which makes me think a lot during my holiday.
after thinking for a while,
and after googling for some time,
I decided to make three personal-and-not-very-important resolutions
for 2017:

1. identify my fashion style.
2. build a capsule wardrobe.
3. make a realistic bucket list.

in order to do point 1 and 2,
I compiled all of my fashion pins on my Pinterest
and I am so happy to finally have this 3 classifications:
#1 favorite style using pants.
#2 favorite style using skirts.
#3 favorite style using dresses.

dear future Stella,
don't you ever forget and confused with your own style
esp. when you are going to buy some new clothes.
remember this post. always.

I prefer wearing pants rather than skirts or dresses,
but not until I graduated and realize how boring my style
to only wear jeans and shorts everyday.

even so, I found some ways to spice up the way I wear pants.
I am tired to be asked "are you a student or a worker?"
every time I meet a new stranger.
2017 my appearance will radiate maturity. yeah.

the extra casual look

shorts never go wrong, actually.
I tend to use them for going out e.g
dinner with my nuclear family,
hang out with my dear friends on weekends,
or during my lazy day.

combine the shorts with
long sleeves (or three quarter sleeves)
with slip-ons
and canvas bag
for the extra casual look.

or to make it more chic,
the combination might be shorts with
sleeveless shirts or blouses
but don't forget the accessories
either (metal) necklace, (small) belt, or watch.
bring clutch instead of bag.

the casual look

tee, denim, and converse will always be a perfect match.
this is my usual template anytime I go out from home, e.g
when I was a college student,
when I go to work (yeah this is my working attire
since I work in a social organization),
and when I am in hurry to go to somewhere I can't use shorts
(like places to pray or library, etc).

to make it more chic,
there are some ways to tuck the tees in jeans.
spice it up with (metal) necklace or heels.
again, bring clutch instead of bag.

the occasional look

I was once wearing shawl to spice up my plain tee.
unfortunately I think I can't use it frequently
because I live in Jakarta, the terribly hot city.
I do really like how a simple circular shawl
can easily turn your ordinary look into special one.

the combination of shawl
with tees or shirts (chambray or denim)
and flats can optimize the chic look.

might wear this look when
travelling, going to cinema,
and during cold weather.

the timeless look

imo, long sleeves can be used in any occasion,
from casual to formal
from going out to supermarket
to attending a meeting.

no accessories needed.
just make sure to wear the long sleeves
with a proper shoes, like
slip-on, running shoes, flats, or heels.
clutch will always be a good alternative, instead of bag :)

the not-so-formal alternatives

I rarely wear shirts for couple years.
not only because the slack working environment,
but also by nature I don't really like formal-look.

shirts, esp. chambray and denim, is the best.
white loose shirts (or we call it as boyfriend shirts)
are also cool.

make sure to roll-up the sleeves of the shirts,
pay attention to the way you tuck the shirt in,
and wear a watch. perfectly chic.

heels, flats, jeans, or office pants,
I think are not having significant impact
to add value to this outfit.

overall, I like this style so much.
super simple, chic, yet comfortable.
red shoes, oh my...
minus the sunglasses, of course.
those all the looks I love for the first post of my personal style.
next post is my second personal style review, enjoy.